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Sep. 20th, 2006


On the road home [22 Treeblossom - 3 Leafsprout 3AC]

We left Montmiral fairly early in the morning but not after a good breakfast. Riding on horseback is definitely a faster way to travel but also takes some getting used to but shoneleth helped with any chafing when we stopped at night. It took us only 10 uneventful days to return to Quyrreldell and we headed immediately for the Embassy when we arrived.

Hangover [21 Treeblossom 3AC]

So we all pay the price for our over-indulgences but at least the village was groaning in sympathy.

We awoke late and decided to remain in town just one more day. We relaxed, carefully chose our horses and assisted with the cleaning up after the feast.

I chose a gentle dapple-grey mare for her nice temperament and named her Sombre.

Parting of ways [20 Treeblossom 3AC]

After an uneventful night and a good breakfast, Beren came and spoke with us all. He and his men were returning directly to Quyrreldell. Naione said she wanted to go with him and on hearing this teyla_fjord decided she should go too - just to keep an eye on them. She still doesn't like Naione much and really should learn to mind her own business, but at least she is taking the rock with her. shoneleth retrieved Nadir's ring from teyla_fjord before we parted ways. The remaining four of us headed back to Montmirial where we reported to Rotrou and regaled him with the stories of our adventures.

He was very grateful and offered us his house to relax and refresh ourselves while he organised the village for a feast. Hearing about the feast planned in our honour we dressed for the occasion, doing our hair, making up our faces and even sharing some of shoneleth's rare perfume.

As we left the major's house we were intercepted by the village blacksmith, Oxtoram, who told us that Brusindim had bought each of us a light riding horse complete with saddle and riding equipment. We went to inspect the horses, being careful so as to not spoil our nice shoes and clothes and then went to visit Gamorte in the temple.

The feast was excellent! Spitted pig and sheep with loads of root vegetables. Dancing for those who wanted to. Rotrou also gave a speech thanking us for our help and saying we would be welcome any time in the village. We decided to part with our puppy, Max, and gave him to a young girl who seemed thrilled with her new companion. The night wore on pleasantly and shoneleth invited Gamorte to spend the night with her rather than travel back to the temple - I suspect they did some "worshipping" too.

Sep. 13th, 2006


Orc Ambush [19 Treeblossom 3AC]

As lunch soon became the order of the day, Brusindim revealed that the organisation was known as the Friends of Myfanwy and he gave us some background on it. Before he headed off on his hunt for Solynor, he told us we would be contacted when we returned to Quyrreldell and given more information about the order.

We went back to preparing our trap for the orcs. I laid some trip-wire traps on the paths around the pit and helped recover the pit too. Once finished anne_peleter and I climbed the steep, rocky slope near the path and hid amongst the spare cover there while the others hid in the undergrowth below. anne_peleter and I were just happy to be out of direct harms way.

Just as the sun was setting, the sound of running booted feet could be heard coming up the path and a force of 40 orcs came into view. There was barely time to think as the large force descended upon us, I was just thankful for my perch up the slope. shoneleth, Naione and Gamorte fought bravely but eventually colapsed, but not before killing some orcs themselves first. I managed to kill a few from my vantage point too. anne_peleter was doing a lot better providing a lot of distraction and some damage to the oncoming foe. teyla_fjord did some fancy stuff and somehow seemed to massacre whole sections of the army at a time. Just before she went down she shot something from a new rock that killed half the remaining force. Just I thought we were now done for, a force of men arrived on the scene and managed to kill the last remaining orcs.

Running down the hill to check on shoneleth and heal her with a potion, I paid little attention to the men until I noticed the leader talking with Naione and teyla_fjord. Apparently he was Beren - Naione's Betrothed and teyla_fjord's brother - leader of this regiment. I was very thankful they had arrived when they did. We camped the night with the men, exchanging stories and adventures over hot food.

Sep. 5th, 2006


Meeting Brusindim [19 Treeblossom 3AC]

After an uneventful night we woke and had a hurried breakfast before I headed off to scout the road and make sure things were okay. I had to talk the damn rock with me though and I was not impressed with that. Finding the road quite we signalled back to the others and head on towards the cave. At the cave mouth a discussion about the rock and teyla_fjord ensued mainly centering on whether the rock had nipples like teyla_fjord. shoneleth wanted to see teyla_fjord's nipples, I did not and teyla_fjord looked offended at the suggestion.

We explored the caves thoroughly finding more rooms with not much more than bedrolls and a chest of crockery in them. Solynor's room seemed interesting but what was more curious was the tunnel that connected it to another chamber. The rock was voted to go and inspect the tunnel and found it long and very narrow in places.

Having exhausted our curiosity for the orc cave and their meagre belongings, it was decided that we would ambush the returning army of orcs. We headed back to the pit trap in the road approaching the cave and as we made to repair the trap, a man on horse back approached. After shoneleth had greeted him warmly, he introduced himself as Brusindim and said that he was on the rail of Solynor who was apparently wanted for murdering a number of people in Cirraint's Hold. While we had tea, he listened to our adventures with the orcs and Solynor.

After we had recanted our adventures to him, he informed us that he was happy to have met us as our reputation precedes us. This I found kinda odd and was instantly wary of him. He then offered us membership to a secret organisation devoted to the righting of injustices. This was really alarming to me but the other's seemed kewl with it and found nothing odd about it at all. Perhaps I am just more paranoid than most but when strangers start offering inclusion into strange secret groups, warning bells start going off in my head. After questioning him thoroughly, mainly as to how Solynor would be handled when found, we all finally agreed to join provided we could leave if things turned out to not be to our liking.

Brusindim then told us that the organisation had contacts in Cirraint's Hold and Atamaita - it was in Quyrreldell that he had first heard of us - a few in Verbonar and none in Glyddry.

Aug. 30th, 2006


The strange wizard [18 Treeblossom 3AC]

The strange man started acting very strangely when we all entered the cave. He started waving his hands about and muttering in a strange language which bore the marks of a spell being cast. We charged him but were too late and he disappeared. Deciding that he hadn't enough time to completely teleport we carefully searched the room to try and find where he could be hiding. While searching a giant oily-black scorpion with black marking materialised and attacked us. We defeated it fairly easily but could find no trace of the man who no doubt had managed to escape while we were occupied with his apparition.

Further searching of the cave revealed a narrow tunnel behind a tapestry in the rocky wall. I volunteered to head down it and investigate but teyla_fjord insisted on sending Adeleth. I continued to search the rest of the room finding some healing potions which I passed on to shoneleth, a very nice quill and ink in the desk, a brass goblet. In the chest were found some musty clothing and a few books, one of which appeared to be the spell book of Solynor as per the inscription from his mother. anne_peleter decided to keep the "History of Magic" book which I thought a bit odd but perhaps she has an interest in history. teyla_fjord took a liking to the last of the books "Poems of the Mountain Orcs", although from the peak I got at it, it looked fairly bad and not really worth keeping. We also found a money pouch that contained 50GP which I dutifully handed over to shoneleth before she could think I was "stealing" from the group again.

Adeleth returned and reported that the passage was long, rough, dark (no surprises there) and ended behind another tapestry from which she/it had "heard" voices, apparently orcs. Like it should be trusted to know what an orc is after our earlier fiasco with the ogres which had been reported as orcs.

We then snuck out towards the main chamber with me scouting ahead. The dead ogres and orc were still where we had left them (thankfully) but as I neared the opening I heard rhythmic susurrations which I mistook for the wind blowing across the smoke-hole in the top of the chamber. Sticking my head out of the tunnel I was quite surprised to see the seven orcs standing there ready to ambush us. As it turns out, orcs breathe rather loudly and that was what I was hearing - I must remember that for future. I obviously high tailed it back to the others, the orcs close on my heels.

It was tough fight what with us being fatigued and injured from our previous altercations but we did manage to kill all the orcs. anne_peleter at one stage discharged some smaller versions of teyla_fjord's energy ball thingies which were rather helpful in at least distracting the orcs but I'm not sure how she did that. At the end of the fight, the dark-haired man appeared at the opening of the tunnel into the main chamber. He made some strange movements and all of a sudden we were caught in what was very similar to a large spiders web. The more I struggled in it, the more I got entangled. teyla_fjord tried to shoot something at him but he escaped leaving us trapped in the sticky mess. He did leave rather quickly though so possibly had used another spell.

We finally broke free and headed out of the caves. The weak sunshine never felt so good. We headed into the woods and made camp out of sight of the cave and the path and well away from any potential patrol routes. Once we had made camp and organised some supper cooking over a low fire, discussion turned to the powers anne_peleter had revealed. She was not very forthcoming with any details as to what they were or how she came about to have them. I am not entirely certain she knows how come she can do what she can do but it is certainly handy in a pinch. shoneleth said something about her powers possibly being sorcery as she knew a little about it from her training. We were unable to read the spell book, even I could not decipher the script and I am usually pretty good at illegible writings. We suggested anne_peleter keep the book as she possibly would get the most use from it.

Standing watches as usual we slept the night in the woods.

Aug. 22nd, 2006


The Orc Cave [18 Treeblossom 3AC]

I snuck as quietly as possible into the cave down a small flight of stairs. In the main cavern I found an old, still warm fire. The cavern was huge with a hole in the ceiling, obviously for letting smoke out. Leaves were faintly visible through it and the light was slightly defused but still on the darker side of twilight - being able to see in the dark definitely comes in handy sometimes. There were three large tunnels leading off from the chamber with some faint light coming from some of them. I decided it was time to return to the group rather than investigate further in case I got into trouble and need some help getting out of it.

When I got back to the group and relayed what I had discovered, teyla_fjord decided that it wasn't good enough and yelled at me for doing something so dangerous as sneaking off like that. She then sent that damn rock of her to go and see what I had already found. I still don't understand how a rock can see anything never mind communicate anything back at distance. It actually pisses me off when teyla_fjord and her blasted rock have to go and double check everything anyone else does, especially me. I am good at what I do, I have been doing it for a lot longer than that blasted rock. Why can't she just accept that she is not a one woman party and work with the rest of us?

Adeleth went down the tunnels a bit and report back that there were humanoids in the one chamber and another humanoid in another chamber further in. There was apparently also water in another chamber. I don't know how much I trust a rock but I'll just have to go along with it and teyla_fjord the great and almighty psionic has spoken and so it is now law.

We snuck in through the first chamber and made our way over to the chamber where the first two humanoids were. shoneleth and Gamorte entered first followed my Naione and teyla_fjord with myself and anne_peleter covering up the rear. As it turned out Adeleth obviously needs some lessons in humanoids because instead of the orcs we were expecting, we encountered two large angry ogres. shoneleth and Gamorte took heavy damage and Naione was nearly killed. An orc joined the fight about halfway through but we managed to kill them all. My crossbow definitely came in handy and the one I salvaged for anne_peleter.

We searched the bodies and I found a nice stash of coin but decided to only own up to some of it. shoneleth suspected I was being entirely truthful and doesn't trust me as much any more but she'll get over it. I don't really see why I have to share everything.

We explored the underground lake next but it was very dark and fairly deep so we decided to go back and continue through the other caverns. On searching the ogres cave we found some more coins and in a smaller cave we found what had to be a pantry as it had a stash of slightly mouldy food, mainly cuts of meat, in it.

Heading further through the caves we found some sleeping quarters and and searching revealed an amethyst ring but nothing more. Finally we reached a fur hanging. Peering past it we found a room with desks, furs and wall tapestries, a bed and chairs. A tall dark-haired man dressed in fine furs and leathers was standing in the room. When he spotted us he yelled, "Who the hell are you?"

Aug. 16th, 2006


Tracking Orcs [18 Treeblossom 3AC]

This morning Naione led us along the trail for about four hours through narrower parts, across streams and up into the more wooded hills. Unfortunately in one of the more narrower sections, shoneleth fell into a pit trap nearly taking Gamorte down with her when the covering of the pit collapsed underneath her. We managed to get her out and then noticed the worn path over the rocks on the one side of the trap where the orcs obviously bypassed the trap in their excursions.

Rounding a corner further up the path we saw two orcs and third running away to possibly raise the alarm. We quickly dispatched the first two and then gave chase to the third. teyla_fjord let rip with her strange missiles and Naione managed to hit him with an arrow before he tumbled to the ground. We continued up the path past the collapsed and bleeding orc a little more carefully now and partly covered by undergrowth spotted a cave entrance up ahead.

While the others started arguing in whispers about the best way to proceed, I crept as silently as possible into the cave for a look around.

Attacked Farm [17 Treeblossom 3AC]

Rotrou found a vacant house to be allocated as the temporary temple and clerics were summoned to consecrate the building.

After hurried lunch of crumbly cheese and hunks of bread washed down with weak wine, all six of us headed off to the most recently attacked farm. I left my chest of valuables with Rotrou so I could travel lighter but took all the essentials with me as the farm was a good bit away from the town and we were planning to start tracking the orcs from there.

After a few hours walking through the wooded hills and farmlands, we reached the farm. There was a wooden palisade fence around the farm, built more to keep animals out than in, but on one side it had been torn down and burnt. Further investigations revealed that the farm house had been destroyed by fire and that the outbuildings had suffered a similar fate. Naione found some tracks, possibly orc, leading east away from the farm.

We searched the remains of the buildings and discovered a cellar entrance under the remains of the main house. After clearing the debris away, we entered the cellar. The cellar turned out to be untouched by the fire and so we searched the shelves, cupboards and boxes in the cellar. Finding some lamp oil flasks we attached cloth fuses to them to make some "grenades" to take with us. The food we found we took with us.

In one of the boxes we found a frightened brown shepherd-dog puppy that we named Max. Those great big brown eyes, reflecting the obvious fear the small dog was feeling, I wonder who hid him here. We decided to take him with us once he started following us out of the cellar once we agreed it was time to start tracking some orcs.

We travelled for about an hour before making camp in the wilderness for the night.

Aug. 9th, 2006


Arrival in Montmirial [17 Treeblossom 3AC]

After six long days of uneventful travel we finally saw Montmirial uptop its hill surrounded entirely by a wooden palisade fence. As we drew closer we could see that the fence was a recent addition and that the temple on another nearby hill did not benefit from its protection.

First we went to meet the village mayor, Rotrou. He was a doubting man who had been expecting a battalion of soldiers and not five women to come to his aid. After we discussed some of previous exploits with him, he was far more willing to work with us and we swapped information before making plans. The orcs had struck as recently as two days ago and most of the attacks seemed to be coming from the east where it was presumed that the orcs had a base further into the hills.

Gamorte's worry about the valuable items in the unprotected temple were allayed when it was agreed that a space would be consecrated inside the village as a temporary temple and the valuable items brought there. Once that had been arranged, we planned to investigate the most recently attacked far and see if we could pick up the orc tracks from there.

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